Our Story

A Love Story

We have walked the path you are on.  

We know for every minute your child suffers, you suffer five.  Or that whatever you are trying to overcome is in the way of your living fully.

We have tapped into a wealth of resources and tools developed by the world's greatest minds from a Nobel Prize nominee in Israel to a group of special education scholars who spent their lives collecting and perfecting tools to help unique learners.

At THINK! we feel called to share what we have learned with others to make their journeys shorter and sweeter. 

Our collective tools help countless brain imbalances, disabilities, and injuries.  They even make a smart brain smarter.

We know first hand  it's a challenging journey you are on, but we are here to offer support and help.

Thousands of children and adults have had their lives transformed by the protocols we use.  Those once struggling are now happy, healthy, thriving.  Mainstreamed.  Rich with friends.  The future is bright.

Grades have gone from failing to fantastic.  The defeated have redefined themselves as overcomers.

FIE and NILD tools have given many relief and hope.  How might they help you?

Give us a call.  We can share more.


Susan Addams

Director, Educational Therapist, MBA